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Live Music

Live Music with Will Breman


Santa Barbara Soul Music

Santa Barbara-based singer/songwriter Will Breman’s style is as eclectic as his background. HIs musical upbringing began with voice lessons from his mother and teaching himself guitar. Since then, Will has tried everything from screaming in metal bands to serenading at coffee shops, and most recently playing banjo in bluegrass groups and touring across the nation.

Will’s live performance has evolved over the years, and he currently uses a technique called “live looping” – a process where he records and plays back multiple instrument parts in real time, creating a “one man band” ‘effect. Meticulous at arranging his songs, Will believes this setup is truest to what he wants to express to his audiences.

Will is currently writing a new EP, which is set for release in 2018.


Easton Everett @ STAX in Morro Bay



Easton Everett is turning heads with catchy original music that melds folk, blues, jazz and rock.  The sound is spatial and tough and easily connect with audiences. Easton’s singing is evocative and his song writing is rich in contemporary song craft, singular in nature, with lyrics that address the forces of our time.  A California Central Coast-based artist, Easton Everett started playing the trumpet at age ten, adding singing, bass, guitar and songwriting, and began performing at age twenty. He is currently supporting two album releases on the Brilliant Records label:  Somewhere North of Summer as a singer/songwriter, and Harkening, a solo guitar album.


Music medley, click to:  https://soundcloud.com/callanmusic/mosey-bravo-demo-comp2


Find Easton Everett at:

http://reverbnation.com/Easton Everett


For press and booking information contact:

Bianca Velasco




Live Music with Chris Kasper


“Nothing cuts to the core like a simple song,” says Chris Kasper. More than a dozen years into his acclaimed career, the singer/songwriter gets back to the bluesy basics with his fifth album, O, the Fool.

Inspired by Delta blues, folk music, and the string arrangements of Hollywood film scores, O, the Fool was recorded on both ends of an 800-mile move that took Kasper from Philadelphia to Nashville. He’d already spent much of his adulthood on the road, traveling from city to city, building his fanbase one show at a time. Meanwhile, back at home, his friends were putting down roots and starting families of their own. Kasper couldn’t help but question his own choices, and it’s that swirl of contrasting feelings — uncertainty, determination, and wanderlust — that fuels O, the Fool.

“It’s about traveling,” he says of the 13-song, self-produced album, “and then second-guessing your travels once you’ve arrived at your destination. It’s about coming to terms with the thing that makes you think, ‘Ok, maybe this isn’t the right place for me, but I am here, so I should make it work. This is where life has brought me.'”

The album’s title was born during a coffeeshop meeting with a friend, who spilled a pack of tarot cards across the table. The first card was the Fool: a traveller with a bag slung over his shoulder, headed toward some unknown destination. The illustration reminder Kasper of himself. Weeks later, another friend found the same card and brought it to Kasper, saying the two troubadours resembled one another. Kasper agreed. “The card embodies that feeling of wandering,” he explains. “It reminded me of the journey that music takes you on, and you can’t predict where it’s gonna take you.”

From a songwriting perspective, O, the Fool is a simple, straightforward album. The chord progressions are basic, influenced by the no-frills approach of blues musicians and early 20th century folksingers. The arrangements, on the other hand, are downright lush, with Kasper taking inspiration from the epic, sweeping scores of old western movies. He engineered the string parts himself, working with multi-instrumentalist Kylie Ryan — who contributions to the album include viola, cello, and violin — to create orchestral swells. Lush and beautiful, the songs on O, the Fool show Kasper’s capabilities not only as a songwriter and evocative vocalist, but as a producer, too.

“This is a realization album,” says the songwriter, whose past travels have included opening gigs with the Wood Brothers, Amos Lee, and G Love. “It’s almost like a soundtrack — a blues album meets a western movie. When your songs are simple and direct, you can go nuts with the presentation. You can strip away the fat from your writing, but still turn the entire arrangement into something bigger. That way, the punches hit harder.”

Come to think of it, that doesn’t so foolish, after all.




Live Music Night – The Taproots

The Taproots is an acoustic duo performing original contemporary Americana music featuring Tom Walters and Nico Cass on vocals.

They will be joining us at STAX for an evening of live music, great wines and delicious food.