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Upcoming Events


Uncork the Mic with Michelle Morrow

Every Wednesday from 6pm-8pm

Live Music – Mark David*

Every 2nd Sunday

Mark David has built a reputable name and service as a vocal guitar stylist, thriving from clients who love having music at a talking level while still getting a quality and passionate performance of music and song.

Live Music with David Talmage*

Every 3rd Thursday starting 4/15/2018

4/15 David will be playing for our Pickup Party!

Live Music with Marcus DiMaggio*

1st Sundays of the Month

Marcus DiMaggio Music features the unique talents of singer-songwriter Marcus DiMaggio. Marcus’ soulful voice lends itself well to the unique blend of acoustic 60s and 70s classics, folk, soul, R&B, and original compositions that make up his entertaining and laid-back style.

Marcus DiMaggio Music is the perfect live entertainment for your tasting room, wine bar, restaurant, backyard party, or special event.

Marcus began his journey as a musician at an early age, listening to classic rock cassette tapes in the car with his dad. A member of a creative family, Marcus was also inspired by his uncle, a professional guitarist living in San Diego. He began studying voice at an early age, and quickly became involved in several local theatre groups, further developing his voice and stage presence.

As his appreciation for music continued to grow, Marcus picked up a guitar and hasn’t put it down since. As a native of the California’s central coast, Marcus holds a deep appreciation for the outdoors, and spends much of his time adventuring and exploring the natural world, both at home and abroad. While completing his degree in Global Cultures at UC Irvine, Marcus spent two years living and studying in Italy, as well as exploring many countries in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Africa and Central America. He’s also spent time living and teaching in Seoul, South Korea, and has successfully completed both the Pacific Crest Trail (a 5 month, 2600 mile hike from Mexico to Canada) and the Te Araroa trail (a 114 day, 2000 mile hike the length of New Zealand). Marcus’ love for travel and exploring all corners of the globe continues to inspire his music and his songwriting.

Marcus is currently living in San Luis Obispo, CA and is playing his unique music around the county. Come check out one of his gigs- he’d love to meet you!

Live Music with The Sometimes Island

May 2018

The Sometimes Island is a synth pop band based in Los Angeles. Texas native Matt Blankenship Jr. and a rotating cast of live musicians comprise the group, which is known for its exhilarating, unforgettable live shows. The band name comes symbolically from an island in Lake Travis. Depending on the water level, the island is either emerging from the surface, or submerged and hidden, waiting to be reborn.

This summer saw the debut release of the Bad People EP, which Buzznet called “the future of synthpop”. Followed by an extensive tour, The Sometimes Island performed to crowds all along the west coast. The Sometimes Island is currently back in the studio recording new music, and will be returning to the stage this month, in Los Angeles and New York.

Matt has performed with YACHT, Fred Falke, Bob Schneider, Alien Ant Farm, and more in Los Angeles and Austin, playing coffee houses with BANKS early in their careers. A prolific songwriter and producer, Matt has written hundreds of songs and wrote, performed and produced the entire Bad People EP from his home studio. The next few months will see a new single dropping each month. Online and in person The Sometimes Island is amassing a rapidly growing following, and its meteoric rise shines ever brighter with each new release.


Live Music with Chris Kasper*

May 2018

“Nothing cuts to the core like a simple song,” says Chris Kasper. More than a dozen years into his acclaimed career, the singer/songwriter gets back to the bluesy basics with his fifth album, O, the Fool.

Inspired by Delta blues, folk music, and the string arrangements of Hollywood film scores, O, the Fool was recorded on both ends of an 800-mile move that took Kasper from Philadelphia to Nashville. He’d already spent much of his adulthood on the road, traveling from city to city, building his fanbase one show at a time. Meanwhile, back at home, his friends were putting down roots and starting families of their own. Kasper couldn’t help but question his own choices, and it’s that swirl of contrasting feelings — uncertainty, determination, and wanderlust — that fuels O, the Fool.

“It’s about traveling,” he says of the 13-song, self-produced album, “and then second-guessing your travels once you’ve arrived at your destination. It’s about coming to terms with the thing that makes you think, ‘Ok, maybe this isn’t the right place for me, but I am here, so I should make it work. This is where life has brought me.'”

The album’s title was born during a coffeeshop meeting with a friend, who spilled a pack of tarot cards across the table. The first card was the Fool: a traveller with a bag slung over his shoulder, headed toward some unknown destination. The illustration reminder Kasper of himself. Weeks later, another friend found the same card and brought it to Kasper, saying the two troubadours resembled one another. Kasper agreed. “The card embodies that feeling of wandering,” he explains. “It reminded me of the journey that music takes you on, and you can’t predict where it’s gonna take you.”

From a songwriting perspective, O, the Fool is a simple, straightforward album. The chord progressions are basic, influenced by the no-frills approach of blues musicians and early 20th century folksingers. The arrangements, on the other hand, are downright lush, with Kasper taking inspiration from the epic, sweeping scores of old western movies. He engineered the string parts himself, working with multi-instrumentalist Kylie Ryan — who contributions to the album include viola, cello, and violin — to create orchestral swells. Lush and beautiful, the songs on O, the Fool show Kasper’s capabilities not only as a songwriter and evocative vocalist, but as a producer, too.

“This is a realization album,” says the songwriter, whose past travels have included opening gigs with the Wood Brothers, Amos Lee, and G Love. “It’s almost like a soundtrack — a blues album meets a western movie. When your songs are simple and direct, you can go nuts with the presentation. You can strip away the fat from your writing, but still turn the entire arrangement into something bigger. That way, the punches hit harder.”

Come to think of it, that doesn’t so foolish, after all.

Live Music with Smitty and Julija

May 2018

The stage name for Scott Smith…Smitty West in collaboration with Julija Zonic have recently released a tribute album of songs of Leonard Cohen, “Smitty and Julija, To Leonard With Love.” They perform regularly in the Ojai Valley, most regularly at Il Giardino Restaurant on Friday nights.

Smitty is an award-winning songwriter and music producer, and is also the founder of “Ojai Songwriters Anonymous,” a songwriter support group promoting the craft.

Smitty’s home is Euterpe Farms, a native plant farm in Ojai, where he produces regular gatherings to celebrate local music and nature.

His other activities include international humanitarian landmine action, opera and theater, and sound engineering through his private studio and record label, Eiuterpe Music Company.

He released a solo album in 2008 titled, Your World, a collection of 12 original songs, spanning genres of folk, rock, metal, and country. He was the manager and keyboard player for Ojai-based original rock band, Myridian, and producer of the band’s full-length cd, Prime Myridian, in 2007.

Live Music – Veins to Wires*

Jun 2018


The Band’s name is based on Maija’s song about easing the transition to a time of balance with the natural world.   We are a couple of Revolutionary *Still Warriors~ possessed by Gypsy spirits!  We call our music:::Cyber/Organic-Soul/Core:::…the meshing of worlds, to make whole~ Our Soul~ution to return our planet to the hands of nature and beauty thru Music, Art & Being ourselves wholeheartedly. Thus our mantra came into being~*~Music in our veins & wisdom in our wires~*~

The II of us (Maija Soucie and Aaron Green) first met on the dance floor- on The Goodfoot!- in Portland, Oregon.

With our roots in Funk,Rock and Reggae, and inspired by the World grooves of Electronic Dance Music, we decided not to start a traditional band ~ we would become an Electronica-hybrid group ~with Soul at its core, and Veins to its Wires….

V II W  released our 1st album VOID Oct/2013.  The electronica song~ Miss Moss Pockets was released Jan 2014.  Many songs (Bare-bone Sessions&electrified) are ever in ze works~So stay thee tuned~*~!
With….:::Music in our veins & Wisdom in our wires:::…..

Peace Out ~Maija & Aaron…



Live Music – New Age Affair*

Jun 2018

New Age Affair *Acoustic Show!* at Stax Wine Bar

Live Music with Mandy Rowden*

Jul 2018

Mandy’s Story

https://mandyrowden.com/“Kicks butt with her pen.” – Austin Chronicle

“Rowden tells it like it is over a wiry brand of alt-country, singing in a low-key, sleepily sensual voice that calls to mind Kim Richey or Lucinda Williams.” – Charleston City Paper

Mandy Rowden was born into a fundamentalist Baptist household and raised in East Texas where she was homeschooled throughout her adolescence. The Rowden family was restricted to a regimen of gospel and classical music and, as any respectful child does, she adhered to her parents beliefs while taking up classical violin and piano at a mere six years old. Rowden’s parents noticed her natural abilities, and as a result of her insatiable musical wanderlust, or perhaps fearlessness, Rowden rejected her family’s notion of what is acceptable and picked up a guitar in high school. With each strum her passion for the instrument grew exponentially; her worldview changed when she unlocked the long forbidden door to rock music at twenty one.

She continued to hone her guitar playing chops and, while studying English and Film at what is now Texas State University, Rowden was introduced to Americana music. With Americana she found her “calling” to “quit the classical scene” and seek her voice as a songwriter.

“Like most chick songwriters, I’ve been guilty of writing heavily about my thoughts and feelings on relationships,” she admits. “And my response is, ‘Screw it! It’s what I’m feeling, so it’s what I’ll write.’ Love and love lost are some seriously universal topics.”

Relationships are Rowden’s truth and, to her, finding truth is what being a songwriter is all about.

Rowden is a student for life and plays an always-expanding list of instruments that now includes: piano, fiddle, mandolin, bass, harmonica, drums, ukulele, and banjo. She has applied her expertise and passion for music by founding Girl Guitar, a musical workshop and complete “Rock School for women” that involves teaching women of all ages to become confident performers in six-week classes. Ranging from picking up a guitar for the first time to crafting songs, learning drums, and jamming in a Metallica cover band, Girl Guitar’s offerings have surpassed Rowden’s wildest dreams for the program.

“It’s more than learning an instrument; it’s a great community and the camaraderie is amazing,” Rowden says. “Some of the women involved have been in the program since the beginning and are still going strong. We’ve had holidays together, been through babies being born, divorces, road trips, benders, you name it. It’s really beautiful.”

Nine years have passed since launch, and today Girl Guitar continues its success, conducting about twenty five classes per week. According to Rowden the Girls are “having the time of their lives”.

In life Rowden tends to follow her instincts and passions, just as she did by creating Girl Guitar, and that’s also her approach to songwriting. Rowden’s work contains both vulnerability and determination; it’s derived from a woman who’s had her share of heartbreak and ecstasy. Regardless of the moment and capturing a particular feeling, for Rowden, music is always about getting back to where she began as a young girl. “I just love playing,” she says. “As long as my hands and voice work, I just want to keep entertaining people, and if something I write or say influences someone positively, then that’s a bonus!”

A record as diverse as her musical background, Rowden’s debut full-length album, These Bad Habits, fuses elements of alt-country, classic rock, and folk into a familiar yet unique Americana Sound. The Austin Chronicle declared, “the East Texas native kicks some butt with her pen,” and while demonstrating “new talent, she’s capable of writing defiantly pointed lyrics.” Rowden’s ability to craft a fine Americana tune is on full display throughout the new record and her expertise as a multi-instrumentalist is aided by standout collaborators including Grammy-winning producer Lloyd Maines (Dixie Chicks, Wilco, Robert Earl Keen) on pedal steel guitar, Grammy-winner Redd Volkaert (Brad Paisley, Merle Haggard) on guitar, and Brad Rice (Ryan Adams, Tift Merritt) providing additional guitar work.

The 11-track collection showcases the strongest songwriting of the young Texas-based artist’s career; it’s a musical evolution that sees her growing from the self-recorded songwriting displayed on her debut EP, Big Moon, to a more full-band sound. Producer Joe Carroll, best known for his work with Amy LaVere and guitar greats like Bill Kirchen and Albert Lee, was enlisted for his similar background and love for the genre. The album was co-produced by Rowden and recorded at Treehouse Productions in Austin, the city she calls home.

Mandy followed These Bad Habits with her 2016 release 1,000 Miles, a noble follow up and collection of eight original songs spanning from her songwriting beginnings in college through her most recent writing. It also includes her version of Were You In Love written by fellow Austinite Colin McDonald and a psychedelic cover of The Vogues’ 5 O’Clock world, dipping a toe into Mandy’s love affair with the darker side of rock and roll. 1,000 Miles was the vehicle that got Mandy voted into the top ten Musician, Songwriter, Vocalist, Song (Let Me In), and Album of the Year in the Austin Chronicle Music Poll for 2016. 

In 2017 Mandy was signed to Colorado’s Howlin’ Dog Records and recorded her HDR debut When That Day Comes, due in March, 2018. When That Day Comes is a collaboration between Mandy and HDR producer Don Richmond and includes a wide array of songs from dark, twisty, rock exploring the sudden loss of a loved one (Benton’s Song) to a ‘will we or won’t we’ cajun waltz fiddled by Rowden herself (Bad Things Happen), and a touching tribute by way of Angel Dream #2 to the late, great Tom Petty.

2018 puts Mandy back on the road in a big way when her new record comes out, as well as recording a new album with her side project Conditional Lovers under producer Hunt Sales (Iggy Pop, David Bowie’s Tin Machine). 


Morro Bay Avocado and Margarita Fest

Sep 2018